uniZite offers a wide range of solutions for on site progress management. We provide solutions for scheduling, step by step progress management and also solutions for sub contractors. Our modules offer extensive functionality and are available on your mobile devices.

As with all uniZite modules extensive reporting is available and the modules are fully customizable


uniZte progress modules has one central point of information allowing for seamless coordination of activities between contractors and sub contractors. 

Have control

Project managers will have better understanding of the current status of the project. Easily track tasks and be informed of holdups or extra costs. 

Everybody wins

Everybody will avoid wasting time when actively using uniZite’s progress module. Accesible and  transparent status of activities and obstacles in the project. 

Inspired by LEAN


zitePlanner is a tool that allows you to easily define and schedule activities. Subcontractors will immediately see and be able to report progress on these activities using their mobile devices.  Project managers will get instant overviews on all these activities and any potential obstacles with interactive reporting.

Detailed reporting

Follow up
on activities

uniZite’s progress modules allows users to track progress on specific activities for each room and system. All contractors can report on their progress or in the eventuality of holdups. This format allows forepersons and project managers unprecedented detailed control of the status of complex projects like hospitals.

Individual reporting


& Progress 

Sub contractors can combine progress reporting on their checklists. It is a smart addition with an easy to use slider which will indicate amount of work done. Compare actual with the scheduled amount of work, create more precise invoices and take actions if necessary.