The unizite digital platform enables you to collaborate seamlessly and scale from 1 – 100’s of users within a single project. Resolve issues, coordinate activities and achieve smoother workflow. 

Build smarter for everybody’s benefit.

Main contractor

Control details

It is common to  raise  100’s even 1000’s of issues on a construction project. With uniZite you will have an easy to use system that gives you control and enables all parties to participate in the managing and reporting of these issues.

Sub contractor

Reduce costs

As a subcontractor it is important to document any changes that will cause delays or incur costs. With uniZite  you will avoid these potential costs by communicating issues and hold-ups in a timely manner. 


Manage handovers

uniZite makes handovers both efficient and simple. Property owners can document and address issues immediately during the inspection rounds. Additionally uniZite can produce reports that can be signed digitally on-site.


Registering issues &
confirming actions

Register an issue with your mobile device and show its location by placing an issue symbol on the drawing. Easy to record images, make notes and set deadlines. The responsible contractor can quickly identify their
 issues, change the status and confirm any actions  using their mobile device. 

Only those with correct levels of responsibility can close out an issue.

At office

the list of issues

Finding and editing issues is easy using the  Web-interface. Create filters and reorganise the presentation.

All information pertaining to issues is  historically logged and accessible at any time directly with an easy to use web interface.


One click


With one click you can download reports on relevant issues. It's also possible to configure reports to be sent automatically to groups within the project ina a scheduled manner. Reports are customized and can be generated in Excel, Word and PDF formats.


Extra important

or urgent issues

uniZite is designed to ensure you aren’t overloaded with updates whilst ensuring you never miss key issues. You can define the conditions that need to be met for an issue in order to generate a notification. For example if a subcontractor rejects your issue or if the deadline date is today. Email notifications will be sent to relevant parties within the minute.


Explore trends

and patterns

The interactive reporting facility gives users access to all information at a glance, quickly organizing and presenting thousands of issues and activities in a way that is easily read and understood. The interactivity allows you to dig further into details until you reach the individual issue.