The uniZite checklists module has been designed to satisfy industry demands. Our module includes checklist solutions for Quality assurance, Health & Safety, Inspection and Testing. It is a customizable module with extensive functionality and comprehensive reporting capabilities, yet still user friendly.

Our checklists module is even more powerful when combined with the Issues module.


Our checklists module is easy to learn and always available to the users. uniZite digital solutions eliminate the burdensome process of onsite paperwork.


uniZite helps customers to standardize checklists, ensuring consistency company wide. The checklists becom familiar to the users. Statistics and reports are available at the click of a button,  and can be shared with your customers.


We collaborate with our clients to find cuztomized digital solutions that saves the tedious manual work of cut & paste of images, checklists and other observations made in the field, into Word documents that are based on company standards. 




uniZite‘s digital solution eliminate burdensome paperwork and avoid loss of data. We can assist in the simple digitalisation of your current checklists or even tailor checklists to your needs. We offer one of the most comprehensive checklist solutions on the market.

Locating checklists

Visual and
easy to find

Checklist symbols are easily located on the drawings and always visible in your mobile device. Our checklist symbols also provide smart visual indicators that give users an immediate overview of the progress and status of the checklist. 




Cut down on time completing inspections and checks by having all your data available on your mobile devices. With uniZite you have access to other great features that allow users to instantly capture issues related to the checklist. 


Catering for
your needs

Our comprehensive checklist module covers the needs related to Quality control, Health & Safety and Inspections. These are customizable modules that include reports in Excel and Word formats, as well as providing you with instant overviews using our Interactive reports facility.